RFiD Discovery partners with BuzzStreets for pioneering wayfinding and asset tracking solution

BuzzStreets' wayfinding app for indoor navigation in hospitals

Providing a pioneering indoor navigation system to help patients and visitors find their way around a hospital

RFiD Discovery has partnered with BuzzStreets, an award-winning indoor navigation platform provider, to offer a combined wayfinding and asset tracking solution for healthcare providers, assisting both staff and patients. This partnership brings together the expertise of two innovative companies in a pioneering solution for healthcare facilities seeking to improve patient care and operational efficiency.

The combined solution will utilise RFiD Discovery's RFID-based asset tracking technology, which allows healthcare providers to track and manage assets such as medical equipment, consumables, and high-value items including medical implants in real-time. Adding BuzzStreets' indoor navigation technology will enable patients, visitors, and staff to navigate hospitals easily, improving patient satisfaction and reducing stress and anxiety.

The BuzzStreets indoor navigation technology will help to reduce the number of patient no-shows or late arrivals which wastes clinicians’ time and can have a significant financial impact on the hospital. It also reduces the need for patients to ask for directions. For people who require an accessible route, the software can provide a personalised navigation service, for example, suggesting stair-free routes to wheelchair users. In addition, the technology can be used by new staff or locums who are not familiar with the building to find their way around a hospital. The software also provides vital data for analysis to allow healthcare settings to plan the most efficient routes to get people where they need to be.  

Commenting on the partnership Arron Duddin, Global Business Development Director at RFiD Discovery, said: 

"We are thrilled to team up with BuzzStreets to provide a powerful solution for healthcare providers seeking to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. Our combined solution will enable hospitals to manage their assets more effectively while improving the patient and visitor experience.

João Fernandes, Founder, and Managing Director of BuzzStreets, said: 

"We couldn't be more pleased about partnering with RFiD Discovery. Their years of extensive and international experience in asset tracking perfectly complements our fully featured navigation system. Together we will offer a ground-breaking solution with capabilities far beyond that of any others available in the market.”

Combining the real-time tracking of assets with easy-to-use wayfinding technology, the partnership between RFiD Discovery and BuzzStreets represents an exciting development for healthcare facilities seeking to reduce costs, improve efficiency and above all improve the standard of patient care. For further information please contact us