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Healthcare resources

Our services are well-established in the healthcare sector and although we cover plenty of solutions outside of healthcare, the below resources explain in great detail what we can do for hospitals and other medical organizations.


RFiD Discovery Healthcare Brochure front page

There are many uses of tracking in healthcare. From asset tracking to our sterile services tracking solution, re-usable PPE tracking and inventory management. This brochure gives a full overview of the solutions that RFiD Discovery offers and what technologies we use to achieve the best results for you.

PPE Tracking Brochure

At a time where keeping safe at work are at an all time high, costs soar and the environmental burden grows heavy by disposable personal protection equipment. Read more about how you can reduce losses, overheads and friction to keep your staff and patients safe. 

RFiD Discovery BLE Wifi Tracking brochure

Real-time tracking for healthcare assets is crucial to ensure optimal use of instruments and workflow. Track items or patients with BLE or Wi-Fi tags, which are shock and waterproof. Report on the use of items and then understand the location data to further improve the frequency of their use.

RFiD Discovery GS1 Asset Labelling brochure

GS1 Asset Labelling

Passive RFID tags incorporate a GS1 identifier and can be read and sent to a central database. This supports rapid auditing and inventory management helping to achieve compliance.

Asset Tracking for Healthcare

The misplacement and loss of moving assets costs the healthcare sector millions of dollars each year. For acute hospitals in particular, it's a challenging task to keep track of equipment with staff clocking up hours and miles searching for available devices or out-of-service equipment. RFID asset tracking for healthcare focuses on optimal availability, accurate record of asset locations and creating a safer patient environment.

RFiD Discovery Sterile Services brochure

Sterile Services Tracking

Improving patient safety and compliance while using data to reduce loss of inventory. Sterile equipment is constantly being transported through a cycle of operating rooms, cleaning processes and storage solutions. Knowing where items are and whether they are available to use helps run sterile service departments more efficiently.

RFID Reader Trolley

Mobile RFID Cart Reader

The RFiD Discovery cart forms part of a passive RFID inventory management system. Fitted with a powerful, industry leading reading and three passive UHF RFID antennas, it records tagged assets and inventory as it is used around the hospital site. Read more about all the features and key benefits this product has to offer.

RFiD Discovery temperature monitoring brochure

Temperature monitoring for healthcare

RFiD Discovery's automatic temperature monitoring solution can be used in any healthcare environment where maintaining a constant temperature is critical. Read more about the features of this solution. 



Other solutions

At RFiD Discovery, we don't just support healthcare tracking solutions, but offer a vast range of options for companies across the supply chain, managed services and inventory management. Have a look at the below resources which cover airport luggage cart tracking, reusable transport items and uniform/laundry tracking.

 "Airport Trolley Tracking" leaflet thumbnail

Airport Luggage Cart Tracking

One of the main factors of deciding which airport to fly from, is experience whilst there. Making luggage carts available to users means optimizing their use. Having carts in the right place at the right time smooths the overall flow of foot traffic and helps visitors on their way. Read this flyer to see all the benefits of luggage cart tracking using RFID tags.

Uniform Tracking Brochure

Uniform Tracking

Using managed services to track uniforms, means that inventories can easily be completed and there is an automatic audit trail which ensures compliance. Assets can more frequently be deployed so that staff always as the resources they need to perform their job!

fish box tracking brochure preview miniature

Fish Box Tracking

RFiD Discovery’s RTI tracking solution for the fish industry has been developed by taking into account the sector’s "hostile" environment (sea water, metal etc.) by supplying robust and durable readers and tags to ensure optimal read rates. Read more about the features and benefits of this solution.

RFID portal solutions brochure thumbnail

RFID Portal Solutions

Our range of passive RFID portals helps improve efficiency and reduce costs across a wide range of industries. They are supplied as stand-alone, software agnostic machines, ideal for system integrators, or as part of our integrated location tracking solutions.