Warehouse Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Streamline your warehouse operation with real-time inventory visibility using RFID technology

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Streamline your warehouse operations with real-time inventory visibility


RFiD Discovery’s inventory management solutions use RFID technology to automatically record the locations of individual stock items, boxes or pallets, providing you with highly accurate real-time inventory information.

Keeping an accurate record of inventory in a warehouse can be a challenging task for most businesses. Manual barcode scanning or stock counting processes are time consuming and often error prone. Whilst cycle counting provides a way of obtaining visibility of inventory, the information accuracy soon reduces as stock is moved, shipped or delivered over time. 


How RFiD Discovery can help?

Increased productivity

Using RFID scanning for stock management instead of the manual processes of barcode scanning or even stock counting is far more efficient and less time consuming. Where barcode scanning requires direct line of sight and items can be only be scanned on at a time, RFID can capture multiple items at once and with the help of fixed readers, from several metres away. 

This means resources associated with these tasks can be re-deployed. Any movements of pallets, stock and inventory no longer require barcodes to be scanned which speeds up the process of despatch and receipt of goods, increasing throughput and productivity.

In addition, having accurate information about stock locations available means that less time is spent searching the warehouse for misplaced or missing items.

Accurate stock information in real-time

As human error is eliminated from the inventory counting process, stock accuracy levels improve significantly. The ability to monitor inventory in real-time means that location data is always up-to-date.

Reduced need for holding stock

Having access to accurate inventory data, means that there is reduced need to carry excess stock and just-in-case items. Having just the right amount of stock of each item means that the use of available storage space can be maximised. This also helps reduce waste of perishable or seasonal goods as only enough supply is carried to fulfil demand.

Improved customer satisfaction

Our RFID tracking solutions can identify whether the correct items are picked for despatch and therefore reduce potential shipping errors. As a result, customer complaints reduce and customer satisfaction increases. With fewer wrong products despatched, the need to handle customer returns is reduced, which again increases productivity.


How does it work?

RFiD Discovery offers a wide range of stock monitoring solutions to suit your requirements and budget. Our solutions are completely flexible and can be fully integrated with other business systems. We are also happy to provide just parts of a solution or individual components such as RFID tags, readers or software.  

Each product, part, container, pallet or other item to be tracked is fitted with a low-cost UHF passive RFID tag identifying the individual item or type of item in a database. Stock locations and movements are then recorded automatically by fixed readers such as portal readers mounted at strategic entrance points or wide-area readers capturing the presence or movements of items within an area. In addition, handheld readers can be used in areas which are not covered by fixed readers.


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