Wandering Patient Safety System

The RFiD Discovery Wandering Patient Safety System reduces the need for nursing staff to continuously supervise 'at-risk' patients. 

wandering patient, lady in care home with nurse

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Keep vulnerable wandering patients safer with RFID


By using latest radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, staff working in busy healthcare environments can get early warnings of a wandering patient - suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or mental health issues - if they leave a defined safe zone. This cost effective solution is designed specifically for healthcare facilities to maintain a safe environment whilst promoting independence for patients.


Wandering patient in care home


• Helps maintain a safe environment for vulnerable patients
• Reduces pressure on busy nursing staff
• Promotes independence for patients
• 24/7 automatic monitoring





How the wandering patient safety system works 


The system

Each patient at risk of wandering wears a special RFID wristband which allows the individual free movement within a defined safe area, i.e. the inside of a building.


An alert

Any movement beyond this area will trigger an alarm or lock an exit door, whilst carers, visitors and other residents can freely move through the protected doorway.


The technology

When the patient wearing the wristband approaches a secured exit, a low frequency (LF) receiver inside the tag works with an LF exciter to trigger the alert to notify staff or lock the protected exit.

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