7 Top Things to Look for in an RFID Solution Provider


The partner you choose for your RFID installation can make or break your deployment. Find out the top 7 things to consider in a vendor.

Every day, RFID technology is making businesses around the globe work better. If you dig down into any organisation, it’s likely there’s an area that RFID could make more efficient, cost-effective, and accurate. Properly implemented, it gives you maximum control and visibility over your inventory and assets.

If you’ve decided RFID could make a difference in your business, or if you’re just starting to investigate, it’s essential to know what to look for in an implementation partner. We’ve put together seven of the top things to consider.

Demonstrated success in your industry

As you check into vendors, ensure the supplier can provide evidence of successful implementations in your industry. The insights gained by implementing projects for similar businesses give the vendor an understanding of your challenges and processes. The company should be able to show you what they did and how they accomplished it and provide detailed metrics of the results. Each industry uses RFID differently, and if your vendor knows your industry, you have a much better chance of a creative, effective solution. Check with people you know in your industry, and if you’re already working with tag and reader vendors, ask them which companies they recommend. Also, check industry publications like RFID Journal, for information on particular companies you’re considering.

Experience and stability

There is no substitute for hands-on practice to learn the possibilities RFID can offer and to be able to imagine new ones. An experienced partner can help you look at your current business processes, create a solution and choose the best components for the solution. An established provider has deep resources and financial security a startup can’t match, which ensures continuity when you need changes or support.


One of the essential things in designing an RFID solution is always to keep the big picture in mind. An RFID implementation partner provides more than just installation. The project starts with listening to you about the challenges you need to solve and continues through the planning process. During implementation, multiple pieces must be put in place for the installation to deliver the results you planned. When the system is up and running, you may need to expand your solution because of changes in your business. Choose a partner that’s with you from beginning to end and beyond into your future.

Broad technology base

When evaluating a potential partner, make sure they are technology agnostic. RFID may be the core technology for your solution but often time multiple technologies need to be deployed to serve your applications. For instance, you might add Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect devices you need real-time visibility of at all times or (UWB) ultra-wideband technology for applications that require millimetre precision. Your RFID partner must be able to blend the various technologies your solution requires into a single tracking platform that brings everything together for the user.

Business system interoperability

The vendor you choose should be able to integrate your RFID system with existing business systems such as ERP, MES, WMS, GIS, asset management, and others. It is critical to incorporate current systems instead of starting all over and facing startup costs, training issues, and other headaches in your internal systems.


It’s a given that businesses change and grow, so RFID systems should be easily scalable to enable growth without replacing everything when you grow out of your initial system. Addressing scalability during the planning phase helps you avoid rip and replace scenarios and obsolescence.

All-in-one solutions

Ask potential providers which components of your system they offer. An RFID system requires tags, readers, hardware, software, and expert guidance. Ensure that the partner you choose offers everything you need. Working with multiple technology partners can lead to delays, unexpected technical issues, and finger-pointing when components don’t work well together.

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