07 Jul 2023

RFiD Discovery partners with illumiPure to bring healthy buildings technology to its customers

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Offering combined solutions for healthier and smarter buildings

RFiD Discovery is pleased to announce a new strategic reseller partnership with illumiPure, a pioneer in healthy buildings technology based in the United States. This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies to offer innovative combined solutions for healthier and smarter buildings to customers across various industries.

Illumipure team with RFiD Discovery team

With the rising demand for health-conscious, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced spaces, the collaboration between RFiD Discovery and illumiPure produces a formidable union of two leading organisations.

Through their combined proficiency, both companies will spearhead the advancement of cutting-edge technologies for healthy buildings.

Through this partnership, illumiPure will serve as a reseller of RFiD Discovery's comprehensive suite of RFID solutions, including hardware, software, and support services. By leveraging RFiD Discovery's cutting-edge technology, illumiPure will achieve a smooth and highly effective method to track and monitor diverse components within a building environment. The incorporation of RFiD Discovery's technology will have a substantial impact on asset management, occupancy tracking, and maintenance procedures, enhancing the overall effectiveness of illumiPure's Healthy Buildings Technology Suite.

RFiD Discovery will expand its range of monitoring solutions by incorporating illumiPure's Healthy Building Suite. This integration introduces Vertices AQS, an innovative air quality monitoring technology, to RFiD Discovery's already impressive line-up. Additionally, RFiD Discovery now offers Air Guardian and CleanWhite as part of their service offerings. These advanced equipment options provide sterilisation and purification capabilities while seamlessly integrating with the RFiD Discovery platform.

Commenting on the new partnership Arron Duddin, Head of RFiD Discovery, said: 

“We are delighted to have formed a strategic partnership with illumiPure, as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers. By combining our tracking solutions with illumiPure's groundbreaking Healthy Building Suite, we are poised to offer our customers a revolutionary solution which includes air quality monitoring, air purification and continuous surface disinfection. Together, we will empower our customers with the tools they need to optimise staff wellbeing and in the case of healthcare settings also patient care.”

John Higgins, CEO of illumiPure, said: 

“We are excited to partner with RFiD Discovery, a company that shares our commitment to using the newest technology available for healthy indoor environments and occupancy tracking.”

Jason Herro, EVP of Global Sales at illumiPure, added:

“By working together, we can combine our expertise in air quality, lighting, and tracking to deliver a comprehensive set of global solutions.”