Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Our Bluetooth Low Energy tracking solution is ideal for locating key assets and people in real-time with very little requirement for new infrastructure

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Low-cost and easy-to-implement tracking solutions with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

What is BLE?

Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE is the low-power version of Bluetooth, which was developed for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a form of active RFID tracking technology using 2.4 GHz unlicenced radio band to interconnect nearby devices. It can be used to track assets and people in real-time throughout buildings and within defined outdoor areas. 


Why use BLE tracking?

Asset locations shown on map view

RFiD Discovery's BLE tracking solution offers a simple-to-implement system which enables organisations to improve asset visibility and utilisation by tracking equipment and even staff in real time.

Requiring very little new infrastructure, our innovative tracking system provides a fast way to quickly locate key assets such as medical devices, IT, test or safety equipment as well as tools and many others.


How does BLE location tracking work?

Each item or person to be tracked is fitted with a specialist battery powered BLE tag which broadcasts their unique ID at set intervals via radio frequency. A wide variety of different tag types are available to suit different types of assets and environments. To track people, BLE wristbands, staff tags or tags integrated in clothing can be used. Tags are shockproof and waterproof, and can withstand standard cleaning processes. Batteries are changed easily, and last several years depending on selected signal intervals.

Tagged assets or people are detected by strategically placed BLE anchors. Locations are calculated based on advanced algorithms to an accuracy of up to 3m depending on infrastructure density. Live location information is sent to the central RFiD Discovery database which staff can access on a map or list view using an intuitive user interface.
This means that the required items or people can be located quickly without the need for manual checking. Live visibility of equipment locations enables organisations to monitor how many critical assets are available at any given time, and highlight shortages or surplus. 



Real-time visibility of assets

Locations of people and assets can be tracked accurately and in real-time.

Accurate location information

Thanks to advanced algorithms and with a high density of BLE readers, location accuracies of up to 3 metres can be achieved.

Fast and easy implementation

BLE beacons are battery operated and communicate wirelessly with a centrally placed reader so they can be easily installed without the need to access a power source or ethernet connection. This makes the installation of even a larger reader network quick and simple. 

Accurate reporting

Historic utilisation data collected by the system can be used for reporting to inform planning and strategic decisions. 

Improved utilisation of assets

By being able to quickly pinpoint the location of critical assets or people, BLE tracking can streamline processes and improve the utiisation of assets. 



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