Warehousing and logistics


Our tracking solutions help improve the visibility of items throughout the supply chain benefitting both the customer and supplier.

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Improved efficiency and cost savings
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Accurate stock information in real-time
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Reduced shipping errors
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Increased worker safety

Our range of integrated location tracking solutions are designed to help logistics and distribution companies track inventory and key assets, monitor the location of staff, monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity as well as analyse and report on critical data.

Optimise the efficiency of your warehouse or logistics business with our range of solutions

In today's world, warehouses and logistics businesses face many challenges including increased labour costs, reduced floor space and tight delivery deadlines. Our tracking solutions empower businesses to overcome these challenges and elevate their operations to new heights.

At RFiD Discovery, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that redefine the way you manage and optimise your warehousing and logistics operations. 

A comprehensive range of solutions to solve your challenges 

Our comprehensive suite of integrated identification and location tracking solutions uses latest technologies including RFID, BLE, UWB, LoRa, GPS and others to provide real-time information that can help to transform your business and maximise your efficiency and productivity. 

Our flexible solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your warehousing and logistics operations, interfacing with existing business systems and unlocking a realm of possibilities to optimise overall performance.

Whether you are grappling with inventory inaccuracies, RTI losses, or workforce productivity concerns, our tracking technologies can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Scalable solutions

We understand the dynamic nature of warehousing and logistics operations. Whether you are a small-scale warehouse or a large, multi-location distribution centre, we offer scalable solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Whether you're looking to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs or improve overall visibility, our solutions can adapt and grow with your business, ensuring you always stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Our warehousing and logistics tracking solutions include: 


Warehouse inventory management

Warehouse real-time inventory tracking

RFiD Discovery helps to streamline your warehouse operation with real-time inventory visibility using the latest tracking technologies
Tracking returnable transport items

Tracking returnable transport items (RTIs)

Maximise the use of reusable transport containers and prevent assets from getting lost or stolen with RFID tracking.
RFID Portals

RFID portals

RFiD Discovery's range of passive RFID portal solutions helps to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in logistics, manufacturing and other industries.
Workers looking at a laptop surrounded by containers

Yard and outdoor storage management

Helping you to keep track of all of your assets from returnable transport items through to stock, vehicles and forklifts.
Worker scanning asset

Asset tracking

Track the location of assets in indoor and outdoor environments using RFiD Discovery's integrated solution.
Worker safety

Worker tracking for safety

Our systems use the latest tracking technologies to help protect workers, reduce risks, ensure compliance and safeguard against reputational damage.
Workers looking at a tablet

Worker productivity tracking

Monitor staff locations and productivity to increase efficiency and improve management of contract staff.