BLE RTLS by Quuppa™

Subtitle: Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and leveraging Quuppa™ locators, antennas and its unique real-time location processing methods provides high precision geo-location.


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High accuracy
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User friendly application
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Easily scalable
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Quuppa™ BLE RTLS provides real-time location updates with centimetre-level accuracy even for the fastest moving objects, and is reliable and robust in the most challenging of environments.

Low-cost, ultra long-lasting tags combined with simple deployment make this technology ideal for tracking assets, people and processes in many industries including manufacturing, logistics and construction.

High accuracy Bluetooth RTLS based on Quuppa technology

Whether you need to accurately pinpoint the position of an asset or just detect its presence, this technology offers ideal connectivity for IoT sensors. With low-cost long lasting tags, easy deployment and simply operation, it allows for remote monitoring of assets, inventory and people providing a fast return on investment.

Multiple tag and sensor options

A wide choice of tag options means that we can offer tags for almost any application and environment, for example IP67 rated or with anti-tampering features.

Tags can incorporate additional functionality such as panic buttons, accelerometer and gyroscope for people tracking to enable the effective protection of lone workers or those working in hazardous conditions. In addition, vibration and buzzer alarms, signalling the entry in a restricted area or a site emergency, can help keep your workers safe.

 Temperature sensors can support the automatic monitoring of critical environments.

Quuppa™ BLE RTLS system components

BLE tag

BLE Tags

Tags (or beacons) can be any Bluetooth Low Energy device that is transmitting a Quuppa specified radio packet, including Android and iOS devices.


Quuppa locators

Functioning as advanced antennas, the locators measure the angle of arrival (AoA) of a radio signal transmitted by a tag and pass this information to the software platform.


Tracking software

The positioning engine then computes the tag’s position using advanced algorithms. This can link to our powerful RFiD Discovery software, a flexible and comprehensive tracking platform or you can integrate your corporate EPR, MES or WMS applications through our open source API.

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