Our tracking solutions help manufacturing businesses stay competitive by improving key processes from production to quality control through to distribution.

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Optimise your manufacturing business with RFID tracking


We offer a range of solutions designed to help manufacturing businesses stay competitive by improving key processes throughout the supply chain. Whether you need more visibility of your production processes, are looking to better manage the inventory in your warehouse or even want to track staff uniforms, our solutions are flexible and designed to accommodate your specific requirements.

Our integrated tracking systems providing valuable information on the location of your assets, compliance with quality procedures and the data collected can provide vital information for strategic business decisions such as which assets to invest in.

Are you meeting your production goals?

In a climate of growing competition and shrinking margins, many manufacturing businesses rely on lean manufacturing processes. To lower the cost of stock holding, more and more companies are looking to increase inventory accuracy and reduce excess stock to free up capital. In addition, manufacturers face costly disruptions to their production processes if critical parts, assets or tools cannot be located. 
Using the latest RFID technology we can help support lean manufacturing by capturing accurate, real-time information about your inventory. Tracking the locations of critical assets or even people gives visibility of their locations and eliminates any bottlenecks in production. 


  • Fewer shipping errors
  • Enhanced product quality through product tracking
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved supply chain management
  • Valuable data to improve strategic business decisions
  • Reduced need for excess stock with better inventory management

RFiD Discovery Industrial Tracking solutions including LiftTrak case study

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