Worker on construction site

Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining

Whether you want to track people or assets, we offer a wide range of solutions for the construction, oil & gas and mining industries.

Solutions for construction, oil & gas and mining

Our tracking solutions use multiple technologies such as RFID, BLE, LoRa, WiFi, UWB and more to empower organisations in many different industries to streamline operations, increase productivity and improve safety.

Worker safety

Worker tracking for safety

Protect your lone workers, manage access to controlled areas and improve emergency procedures.
Workers looking at a tablet

Worker productivity tracking

Monitor staff productivity to increase efficiency and improve personnel safety with our integrated tracking solutions.
Workers looking at a laptop surrounded by containers

Yard & outdoor storage management

Our location solutions keep track of all of your assets including returnable transport items, stock and forklifts.
Forklift using LiftTrak technology


RFID Discovery's new LiftTrak system is the perfect solution providing real-time indoor and outdoor tracking.
Warehouse inventory management

Warehouse real-time inventory tracking

Streamline your warehouse operation with real-time inventory visibility using latest tracking technologies.
RFID Portals

RFID portals

Our range of passive RFID portal solutions help to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
Tracking returnable transport items

Tracking returnable transport items (RTIs)

Maximise the use of reusable transport items (RTIs) and prevent assets from getting lost or stolen with RFID tracking.
worker using asset tracking solution

Asset tracking

RFiD Discovery offers integrated solutions to track the location of assets in indoor and outdoor environments.