From luggage trolleys to wheelchairs or catering carts, our tracking solutions help you locate all your business critical assets

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RFID can ensure you have the right assets in the right place at the right time


Using RFID technology, RFiD Discovery can track certain assets around airport sites in order to collect various forms of data for the customer, for example: the exact location, usage and history of the item. These items include: trolleys, wheelchairs and uniforms.

By placing readers at the entrances to terminals or baggage halls, the airport can determine how many trolleys for example have entered or exited the area and can therefore ensure that the pool is large enough to supply the passengers entering this area before or after a flight. It allows the trolley management team to understand which trolleys are used more than others and therefore provide the correct maintenance they need.

This technology can also be used to forecast the flow of passengers through an airport and how often they use a trolley or wheelchair and where they collect them from. 


  • Accurate inventory numbers in minutes 
  • Uniquely identify individual assets in order to monitor their utilisation
  • Accurate monitoring of trolley performance and durability
  • Promotes staff accountability
  • Real-time visibility of asset locations 
  • Identify shortages or surplus of equipment 
  • Faster asset collection e.g. trolleys being collected and placed in the right location

Paragon ID also provides baggage tracking solutions using RFID tags in order to track the location of luggage from one location to another.

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