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Our multi-technology tracking solutions bring many benefits to oil and gas companies by improving day-to-day operations, increasing safety and reducing costs. 

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Increase worker safety
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Improve compliance management
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Effectively supervise remote personnel
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Increase efficiency to reduce costs

Our multi-technology tracking software platform enables organisations in the oil and gas sector to track workers and assets in harsh and hazardous environments.

Solutions include lone worker tracking, personnel supervision, project and compliance management support as well as access control.

Protect your workers and streamline operations with worker and asset tracking

The use of tracking systems in the oil and gas sector can improve safety and efficiency, promoting a more secure work environment and maximising operational productivity.

Our integrated tracking solutions provide valuable information on the location of your assets, compliance with quality procedures and the data collected can provide vital information for strategic business decisions such as which assets to invest in.

Lone worker monitoring and enhanced safety

Worker safety is paramount, and RFiD Discovery is dedicated to implementing systems that help create safe and efficient working environments. By implementing our advanced tracking systems, companies can monitor the precise locations of their workers and assets in real-time. This information allows for prompt response and assistance in case of emergencies, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees in hazardous environments.

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  • Personnel safety through tracking of lone workers and geofencing
  • Avoid incidents and accidents to reduce legal penalties and reputational damage
  • Protect workers in hazardous or challenging working environments
  • Automate critical checking process to ensure compliance and safety

Personnel monitoring for productivity

Having visibility of staff or contractor activity is crucial for optimising workflows, identifying bottlenecks and allocating resource to improve productivity. Our worker tracking solution can help monitor work processes to highlight areas for improvement and eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Monitor worker productivity
  • Increase accountability to enhance team efficiency
  • Identify training needs
  • Collect vital data for personnel planning

Managing assets on large sites

Ensuring that your workers and contractors in the field have the tools, equipment, materials and information they need at hand can improve productivity and avoid process delays. Our asset tracking solution provides real-time visibility of critical assets so they can be located quickly to improve use rate, support maintenance procedures and avoid delays.

  • Accurate record of who used which asset and when
  • Valuable asset usage data for analysis and future planning
  • Improved worker safety by ensuring required equipment is close to hand and stored securely
  • Accurate record of maintenance history for compliance reporting
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Contractor and project management

Third party contractors working in your facilities for short periods of time can often raise several challenges. Contractors are not familiar with the surroundings, which causes safety and efficiency issues particularly in dangerous environments where you are liable for their safety. Our tracking solutions can help to:

  • Monitor and report on contractor productivity
  • Provide real-time visibility of contractor staff locations
  • Increase accountability to enhance team efficiency and safety
  • Identify training needs or productivity issues
  • Provide accurate data for future project planning

Our tracking solutions for the Oil & Gas sectors include:

Workers looking at a tablet

Worker productivity tracking

Monitor staff productivity to increase efficiency and improve personnel safety with our integrated tracking solutions.
Workers looking at a laptop surrounded by containers

Yard and outdoor storage management

Keep track of all of your assets from returnable transport items through to stock, vehicles and forklifts with our solutions.
Worker in Oil & Gas industry

Worker tracking for safety

Our systems use the latest tracking technologies to help protect workers, reduce risks, ensure compliance and safeguard against reputational damage.
Tracking returnable transport items

Tracking returnable transport items (RTIs)

Maximise the use of reusable transport containers and prevent assets from getting lost or stolen with RFID tracking.
RFID Portals

RFID portals

RFiD Discovery's range of passive RFID portal solutions help to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
Worker scanning asset

Asset tracking

Track the location of assets in indoor and outdoor environments using RFiD Discovery's integrated solution.