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Subtitle: RFiD Discovery offers an integrated solution to track the location of assets in indoor and outdoor environments using RFID, BLE, UWB, GPS and other tracking technologies.
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Time saving
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Reduced costs
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Accurate inventories and audits in minutes
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Detailed data for analysis and reporting

We can tailor the use of tracking technology to suit your budget and requirements. 

System configurations will vary depending on how accurately locations need to be monitored and whether information is required in real-time.

Tracking the locations of critical assets 

Identifying and keeping track of assets and equipment can be a challenge in many industrial and commercial environments. Knowing exactly where your assets are can save time when trying to locate them for use, testing or maintenance. This is true for any type of mobile asset including returnable transport items, tools, test equipment, safety devices, laptops, furniture as well as end products of your manufacturing process. The inability to locate critical parts, tools or personnel can shut down an entire production line or hold up a process, leading to unnecessary costs and delay.

Real-time location tracking

Where position information of equipment, RTIs or inventory is required continually, RFiD Discovery uses a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to track key assets, and report and analyse critical data to boost productivity.

The system detects and records the location of assets in real time enabling the use of this information to provide intelligent warnings, monitor workflows and increase efficiency.

A central database provides easy access to location information to help locate assets, provide up-to-date inventory information or analyse historic usage data.

Passive RFID tracking

For asset tracking applications where approximate location information (i.e. which room, which department) is sufficient, passive RFID technology is often used. A passive RFID tag is fitted to each asset. Fixed readers are then placed at the entrance to each zone or area, for instance in a door way. The readers then identify the tag as it passes through the doorway and the location is updated in a central database. 

A web-based application enables the user to interrogate a central database to identify the last known location of an asset or generate a history showing where an asset has been over a specific time period.

Sharing information across the organisation

The RFiD Discovery software can be interfaced with other business systems such as your asset management database or ERP system to help deliver improved asset visibility, optimise utilisation and enhance overall operational and financial performance. The system can also help you automate data gathering, so that you can reduce the resources needed to manage your manufacturing, logistics or other operations.



Knowing the real-time or last known location of assets allows the user to find what they need a lot quicker, reducing the time spent searching for items. Historic data can also highlight when assets are in short supply, or help identify if too many just-in-case items are being kept and if the number assets can be reduced to free up capital.

Using RFID and other tracking technologies, assets can be identified and their locations can be recorded much quicker than any manual process such as barcode scanning. A task which might take an employee a few hours or even days such as carrying out an audit, can be done automatically with RFID.

Knowing where your assets are, can reduce costs substantially. Improving utilisation levels means that often fewer assets are required without the need to purchase additional items to satisfy demand. In addition, misplaced items can be located easily saving on replacement costs.

Tracking your assets allows you to collect data in relation to maintenance history, use rate, location and in and out-goings in stores. This can provide valuable data for holding buffer stock or allocating assets.

Asset location enables improved accountability as there's visibility of who has used an asset and where. This often leads to staff feeling more responsible for the items and long-term reduces the damage to equipment. It also helps identify training needs if specific assets are more often damaged after use in particular departments or by specific users.

During an emergency, knowing the exact location of critical items is vital. RFiD Discovery software can be used to track these items and to ensure they can be located quickly. It also ensures that they are regularly available for servicing to make sure they are correctly maintained and safe for use.

Tracking your assets can help you achieve compliance of regulations for example by being able to locate them when they're due for service. This ensure you are complying with regular maintenance procedures and that all assets are safe to use.



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