RFID Portals

Our range of passive RFID portals help improve efficiency and reduce costs

RFID Portals

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Maximise the benefits of RFID tracking systems.

Our range of UHF passive RFID portals has been designed by our in-house engineers with intralogistics in mind. Building on our many years of experience in providing successful RFID implementations across various industry sectors, they are designed to work with integrated automation solutions to maximise read rates and reduce reading errors to ensure highest possible data accuracy. Our RFID portals are manufactured in the UK and can be custom branded to your requirements, making them ideal for end users and system integrators. Supplied complete with a choice of RFID equipment, direction sensing technologies and innovative lighting solutions, our practical solutions fit seamlessly into new or existing automation installations.


We provide a choice of different smart RFID readers to suit your requirements, complete with on-board processing capability to eliminate the need for additional hardware. All of our readers can be connected to our creative software offerings, or third-party systems via ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or 4G.

Flexible solutions

Our proven tracking solutions are completely flexible, ranging from supplying RFID portals, tags, labels or label printers to completely integrated track and trace systems. We support you all the way from initial consultation and site survey through to implementation and ongoing management to ensure maximum benefits are achieved and possible pitfalls avoided.

Outdoor Supply Chain RFID Portal

These rugged weather-proof, IP67 rated RFID portals contain powerful readers to capture information from RFID tagged goods and assets on passing vehicles, sensing the direction of travel. They are designed to scan single and double articulated curtain-sided vehicles. In-built LED lights in the portal can alert to incorrect item detection.


Read range and speed

  • Up to 10m gap with wide beam antenna
  • 500 reads per second whilst stationary
  • 300 reads per second at 5 m/s

Ideal for:

  • Distribution centres
  • Outdoor shipping/receiving
  • Gate management
  • Industrial manufacturing work-in-progress
  • Warehouse dock door shipping/receiving

Indoor Slimline Supply Chain RFID Portal

Our direction-sensing slimline indoor RFID portals are ideal for internal dock door, goods-in and despatch door shipping verification. They have been designed in collaboration with leading figures in the supply chain logistics industry to manage choke points, automatically detecting and recording the arrival or departure of tagged assets, goods or parts. The space-saving stylish portals are suitable for scanning the loads on pallet trucks and forklift vehicles. Their colour scheme can be customised with the option of applying bespoke branding. In-built LED lights in the portal can alert to incorrect item detection.

Read range and speed

  • Up to 6m dock door width
  • Up to 1000 reads per second

Ideal for

  • Inbound and outbound stock reconciliation
  • Internal dock-door tracking of returnable transport items (RTIs)
  • Warehouse dock door shipping/receiving
  • Automated asset tracking
  • eCommerce automation solutions

Overhead RFID Portal

Overhead RFID Portal

Our overhead RFID portal is specifically designed for use above dock doors and other entry and exit points to allow unobstructed movement beneath. It helps prevent cross reading with adjacent dock doors and is ideal in locations where the installation of floor mounted reader portals is not possible. Microwave direction sensing enables the automatic recording of goods movements in and out of a specified area, while inbuilt LED lights can warn about incorrect item detection.

Read range and speed

  • Up to 5m above ground
  • Up to 1000 reads per second

Ideal for:

  • Tracking supply chain movements of returnable transport items (RTIs)
  • Asset tracking for equipment and tools
  • Inventory management
  • RDC to store based shipping verification

Conveyor RFID Portals

Our convenient conveyor portal offers a powered tunnel solution for automated UHF RFID scanning. Infrared direction sensing enables the automatic recording of stock, parts or asset movements in and out of a location, while an alert highlights when incorrect items are detected. Shipping verification can be provided thanks to an integrated weigh cell. Depending on requirements the portal can be either fixed or mobile.

Box sizes/reading speed

  • Between 1,500 – 20,000 items per hour depending on conveyor speed
  • Box sizes based on customer requirements

Ideal for

  • Asset shipping and return verification
  • Inventory management and verification
  • Goods in/out processing
  • Warehouse and e-commerce automation

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