Our RFID, BLE and other tracking solutions help healthcare providers worldwide to improve patient safety, optimise processes and cut costs.

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Increase compliance
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Improve efficiency and patient flow
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Save time by automatically tracking stock and assets
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Improve patient safety

Used in over 150 hospitals throughout Europe and worldwide for over 15 years, RFiD Discovery provides integrated tracking solutions using active and passive RFID, BLE and other location technologies. 

Proven to provide a strong return on investment, our systems help hospitals increase efficiency, improve patient care and reduce costs. 



RFiD Discovery is the number one choice for location tracking systems in healthcare

RFiD Discovery provides integrated tracking solutions to help hospitals and other healthcare providers manage assets, stock, locations and people. These provide real-time information to support medical device management, streamline inventory management and protect the safety of staff and patients in hospitals.



Our healthcare tracking solutions include:

Asset tracking for healthcare

Asset tracking

RFiD Discovery's asset tracking for healthcare solutions helps staff save valuable time when locating medical equipment.
GS1 compliant asset label on medical device

GS1 compliant labels

RFiD Discovery provides GS1 asset labels to improve inventory management of medical devices and other healthcare assets.
Sterile services tracking

Sterile services tracking

RFiD Discovery provides real-time location information on surgical equipment and endoscopes to improve the utilisation, management and auditing of assets.
Patient and staff in outpatient department

Patient flow tracking

Keeping track of the patient flow in hospitals helps streamline processes, increase efficiency and improve the patient experience
Staff safety in hospitals

Staff safety system

The RFiD Discovery Staff Serenity emergency call system helps safeguard medical staff in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare environments.
Implant device

Smart cabinets

RFID smart cabinets help hospitals to manage and protect high value assets to improve patient safety, cut costs and save time.
Indoor navigation and wayfinding for hospitals


RFiD Discovery's indoor navigation solution helps patients and staff find their way around hospital sites and buildings.
Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Providing a cost-effective temperature monitoring solution for healthcare environments such as hospital fridges or critical patient environments.
Theater inventory management

Theatre inventory management

The RFiD Discovery theatre kitting solution helps to centralise and streamline the management of theatre supplies in large acute hospitals.
Baby tracking

Baby tagging

Using RFID technology, our RFiD Discovery baby tagging system prevents the unauthorised removal of an infant from maternity, neonatal and paediatric wards.
Wandering patients

Wandering patient safety

The RFiD Discovery wandering patient safety system reduces the need for nursing staff to continuously supervise 'at-risk' patients.
PPE tracking

Re-usable PPE tracking

Using RFID to track reusable PPE can reduce losses and ensure there are always enough items ready for use.
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