RFiD Discovery is the number one choice for tracking solutions for the healthcare industry

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RFiD Discovery is the number one choice for active and passive RFID systems

RFID technology connects billions of healthcare items and our solutions allow hospital staff to use this technology to identify, locate, authenticate and engage with each item to deliver the best possible patient care while reducing costs.

Our healthcare solutions using RFID include:



By taking advantage of its many applications, RFiD Discovery can provide RFID solutions to quickly and securely streamline identification, care history, traceability, equipment management (including inventory and maintenance), traceability of blood bags, organs, samples and many more.

A single RFID tag associated with a reading system enables the:

• Drastic reduction of the time required to carry out the inventory
• Improved management of stock
• Optimizing of replenishments
• Accurate assessment of stock levels


• Improve patient safety
• Manage surgical instruments
• Support staff and patient workflows
• Authenticate quality and sterilisation processes
• Manage locations of medical equipment, medical notes and IT equipment
• Improve estates asset management
• Automate supply chain management and replenishment


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