Elevate operations with our industry-leading tracking solutions. By delivering precise, real-time insights into processes and operations, our multi-technology solutions improve safety and efficiency throughout the mining process.

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Real-time visibility of assets and people
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Lone worker protection
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Advanced satellite positioning for wide coverage
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Risk prevention and emergency management

Our solution for advanced tracking of workers and assets in harsh environments, integrates seamlessly with existing software and is flexible to suit your operational needs. It has been specifically developed for those operating in remote environments.

Our multi-technology solution can process data from RFID, UWB, GPS, BLE and other technologies to identify, locate and monitor assets and people.

Tracking production assets and workers in open-pit or underground mines

Our scalable location tracking solutions provide real-time visibility of assets and people, creating safer, smarter and more profitable mining operations.

The next wave of productivity gains in mining will be driven primarily by digital transformation, and the foundation is asset and worker tracking to capture key performance indicators (KPIs). Huge distances, changing layouts and hazardous environments present challenges to mining operations, and digital transformation supports efforts making mines safer and more efficient.

An integrated solution

Our RFiD Discovery software platform integrates with geographic information systems (GIS), providing mining operation managers, supervisors, operators and head office personnel with clear, real-time visibility into their entire production chain.

Customised alerts keep employees informed about the status of workers and contractors, personnel behaviour, movements of vehicles and production assets. Managers are empowered to make more timely decisions based on accurate data.

Building a data-driven operation in the mining sector

Digital transformation is going to be key for significant productivity gains in the mining sector in the coming years. Asset and worker tracking will help capture key performance indicators relevant to your organisation. These solutions can keep track of lone workers and productivity accurately, considering the large distances, changing layouts and hazardous environments which often present challenges in mining.

Keeping staff safe across large sites

In harsh environments like mines, worker safety is paramount. When working across large sites, whether it's an underground or open-pit operation, understanding where your staff are, will help keep them safe. By automatically monitoring their locations, the need for manual processes and checks is reduced which in turn will increase productivity and overall efficiency of your organisation.

If your team works in tunnels or to a blast schedule, it's important to know where your team is at all times. Our tracking solutions ensure you can locate employees fast, at times when it is most crucial.

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Our solutions for the mining sector

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Worker tracking for safety

Our systems use the latest tracking technologies to help protect workers, reduce risks, ensure compliance and safeguard against reputational damage.
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Yard and outdoor storage management

Keep track of all of your assets from returnable transport items through to stock, vehicles and forklifts with our solutions.
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Worker productivity tracking

Monitor staff productivity to increase efficiency and improve personnel safety with our integrated tracking solutions.