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RFiD Discovery are leaders for integrated RFID solutions, helping organisations uniquely identify and locate assets, inventory and people

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Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology can provide significant benefits for organisations ranging from improvements to asset utilisation, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, brand protection, regulatory compliance to cost reduction and fraud prevention.
As a leader in our field, RFiD Discovery has a wealth of experience in supporting organisations through all the stages of planning and implementing RFID solutions. 
Active and passive RFID technologies can be used to uniquely identify and track assets, inventory and people as well as monitor temperature. A wide variety of solutions is available to accommodate individual requirements depending on the desired location accuracy, the existing infrastructure and budget constraints.

What is RFID?

RFID – Radio-Frequency Identification – uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track data contained within an RFID label or tag. These tags contain a microchip as well as a radio antenna which enables the tag to send its ID to a corresponding reader. Each microchip contains a unique code – called the tag identifier - registered by the manufacturer during the production of the microchip. The chip can store and transmit data to other equipment within the system.

As well as tags and readers, RFID systems also include a database and software for processing the data. Our RFiD Discovery software can be integrated with other systems to streamline processes throughout your organisation. 

Active and Passive RFID

Active and Passive RFID tags offer different benefits and have distinct roles for the purposes of tracking items. Active RFID tags are powered by battery and proactively broadcast their own signal. They have the ability to track real-time locations and typically have a much longer read range than passive tags. Passive RFID tags do not contain a battery and power is supplied by the reader to enable the tag to transmit their ID, as well as offer a more cost effective solution for larger RFID Deployments. 


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