24 Jul 2022

Apitrak becomes RFiD Discovery France

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We're delighted to announce that Apitrak is now part of RFiD Discovery.

We are delighted to announce that RTLS specialist company Apitrak has become part of RFiD Discovery and will be trading as RFiD Discovery France. This move builds on more than two years of close co-operation between the two businesses.

In May 2021, RFiD Discovery's parent company Paragon ID took a controlling interest in Apitrak. In addition, RFiD Discovery has already been working closely with the Apitrak team since May 2020 when a joint agreement was signed to develop a cloud-based location tracking solution. Since then multiple installations have been successfully deployed combining the best features of both the RFiD Discovery and Apitrak systems.

Therefore, as a natural progression the strengths of both organisations are now being combined under one brand - RFiD Discovery.

What does this mean for our customers? 

Services to existing Apitrak and RFiD Discovery customers will be unaffected by the rebranding process and our teams will continue to provide the high level of support which our customers have come to expect. At the same time, current and prospective customers of both businesses will benefit from the strength of a larger organisation. This brings with it investment in the products and services we are able to provide as well as a combined team of 30+ people to support our solutions with offices based in France, the UK and US - near our customers.

History of the partnership between Apitrak and RFiD Discovery

Apitrak was founded by Vincent Lé in 2016 and became a well-known provider of Wi-Fi, BLE and GPS-based medical device tracking and emergency call systems to healthcare and industrial customers across France. 

The signing of the joint agreement in May 2020 led to development of a next generation IoT platform for organisations looking for easy-to-implement solutions to track assets, people or inventory in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately improve safety.