Asset Tracking for Retail

Our tracking solutions help medium to large retail businesses locate assets and improve inventory management to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency 

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RFID tracking helps optimise your retail business operations


Our range of RFID solutions helps retail companies improve their operations to become more efficient, boost income and increase visibility of logistics processes. This includes the management of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as crates and roll cages and tracking trolleys to improve availability and customer satisfaction. 

Operational efficiency

Keeping track of returnable transport items (RTIs) can be challenging for many retailers, especially when location information depends on manual processes like scanning. Our RFID tracking solutions for RTIs provide better visibility right through the supply chain to help you improve utilisation, and ensure your pallets, tote boxes or stillages are available where and when you need them. 

Reducing losses and costs

Having to continually replace your lost or stolen RTIs can have a serious impact on your profitability. Visibility of the locations of your RTIs can highlight where they go missing, and help settle disputes with trading partners up and down the supply chain. This often also means that you can reduce pool stock levels as there is no need to maintain the just-in-case items, freeing up valuable capital.


Improving the customer experience

The availability of shopping trolleys and baskets can have a considerable impact on the customer's retail experience. Our trolley tracking solutions help retailers ensure that trolleys and baskets are available in the right place at the right time, improving the customer experience. 

Analysing the customer journey

Tracking the journey of retail trolleys, can provide valuable insights into the customer behaviour in store by recording the time spent in particular areas of the retail space, for example in front of particular displays or queuing at the till. This enables retailers to identify highly frequented shelf locations, and any bottlenecks which can affect the customer's journey.  

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