COVID-19 Immunity Passport

For instant issuance of secure certificates for proof of test results for COVID-19 antigen and antibody test


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Government level ID security certificates issued instantly following test results

Our ready-built ImmuneID software platform called Apollo, uses government and banking backed security systems to issue either secure digital or physical certificates proving immunity result following an COVID-19 antibody test (when available) or non-infected result following antigen test.
This solution is offered in partnership with The Hub, an innovative systems integrator used by banks such as Barclays, and ukcloud, a trusted NHS accredited cloud-based hosting business. 
Secure immunity certificate issuance

It can issue Government level ID security certificates instantly following test results aid the return of key staff to work and support the COVID-19 exit strategy by allowing non-infected and immunised key workers and members of the public to return to work faster. Certificates can be issued as secure QR codes instantly or alternatively posted as smart cards or secure paper certificates. 



How does it work

keyworker requiring COVID-19 test

The keyworker requiring a test registers on the ImmunID app. This generates a unique ID, which can be shown at the test centre, where it is scanned by the tester. 

COVID-19 test results confirmed

The keyworker is tested and results are added into the app by a qualified tester together with the serial number of the test kit. Test results are sent via SGSS to a central database to inform HR.

Secure COVID-19 immunity certificate

The keyworker is notified of the result via the app and if applicable receives a secure certificate in the form of a QR code and/or physically as a smart card or secure letter.



Secure COVID-19 immunity certification

A portal provides central management and reporting of testing and certificate issuance for regional and national insights. 

This enables auto export and import of data in SGSS format to HR or ERP systems, complying with mandatory standards for data handling by Public Health England for the NHS. 



For more information please download our presentation