Indoor navigation for wayfinding

RFiD Discovery's indoor navigation solution for healthcare settings helps patients and staff find their way around hospital sites and buildings

Wayfinding indoor navigation

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A pioneering solution for indoor navigation in hospitals

The indoor navigation technology enables hospitals to offer patients, visitors, and staff a wayfinding app on their mobile phone to navigate the specific facility easily, improving patient satisfaction and reducing the number of late arrivals and missed appointments. In addition, the system provides a range of features including movement analytics, personalised routes and heat maps to help improve the efficiency of buildings.

How does it work

The technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi to pinpoint a person's location. By providing real-time navigation to patients who may not be familiar with the building reduces the number of patient no-shows or late arrivals which wastes clinicians’ time and can have a significant financial impact on the hospital. 

For people who require an accessible route, the software is able to provide a personalised navigation service, for example, suggesting stair-free routes to wheelchair users. In addition, the technology can be used by new staff or locums who are not familiar with the building to find their way around a hospital. 

The application integrates with the RFiD Discovery asset tracking platform to help staff keep track of vital equipment such as wheelchairs, stretchers and other assets. It can also guide patients and visitors to the nearest available wheelchair.

The software provides vital data for analysis to allow healthcare settings to plan the most efficient routes to get people where they need to be. The information also helps hospitals to adapt to the flow of people who attend it, helping to avoid crowds of people in the same area.

Key features: 

  • Easy to use wayfinding app to help users find the quickest and most convenient route to their destination
  • Heat maps help healthcare settings to monitor the flow of people through their buildings 
  • Personalised routes to meet the accessibility requirements of users 
  • Integrates with RFiD Discovery's asset tracking platform 
  • Real-time data helps users to avoid areas that are closed off due to maintenance