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Supporting airlines in the implementation of RFID for baggage tracking

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RFID could reduce the number of mishandled bags by up to 25% by 2022


22.7 million bags were lost in 2017, costing the industry $2.3bn without mentioning the many unhappy customers. Today, it seems that this can only be improved by the implementation of real time baggage tracking solution.

IATA Resolution 753 - RFID baggage tracking

In June 18, IATA (the International Air Transport Association) voted to develop a standard within one year for using RFID to track bags with the objective to roll out the technology globally in 2020.

RFID has been selected over other tracking solutions based on the reliability, maturity, widespread availability and cost of the technology. It is estimated that RFID could reduce the number of mishandled bags by up to 25% by 2022 and save an estimated $3bn over the next 7 years.

Airlines and airports have little time to prepare and this is why we are working closely with the industry to develop a RFID luggage tag adapted to their environments.

With our expertise in RFID, label manufacturing and our experience in the aviation sector, we are ideally placed to support airlines and airports in the implementation of resolution 753.


As part of Paragon ID, we are an IATA strategic partner and actively involded in the RFID sub-working group within the Baggage working group.

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