Safety System for Healthcare Staff

The RFiD Discovery Staff Serenity Emergency Call system helps safeguard medical staff in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare environments.

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Protect your medical staff with an emergency call system

The 2021 NHS Staff survey, which received nearly 600,000 responses from 220 NHS trusts, found that the impact of violence on staff is significant. Violent attacks contributed to 46.8% of staff feeling unwell as a result of work-related stress in the last 12 months, with 31.1% stating they are thinking about leaving the organisation.

The RFiD Discovery Staff Serenity Emergency Call system helps safeguard medical staff in case of personal attacks from patients or visitors in healthcare environments. When a nurse or doctor triggers the alarm using their personal staff badge, the system automatically alerts security staff, identifying the individual in trouble and helping to pinpoint their location in the hospital.


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• Helps protect safety of doctors and nurses in high-risk areas including A&E
• Real-time alerts and location visibility in the event of any agressive behaviour
• Improved working conditions
• Helps reduce stress related staff absences
• Quick response times for security staff
• Compliant with GDPR regulation

How the staff emergency call solution works 


The system

All staff are equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) badge that can be worn around the neck or put in their pocket. Anchors and gateway readers are placed at key locations
to detect the presence of staff badges. 


Raising an alarm

When a staff member feels threathened by aggressive behaviour from a patient or visitor, the badge button is pressed. As soon as this happens, the employee is located in real time. There is also the option of having additional panic buttons installed discretely behind a desk or in treatment areas.

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Alerting security

Flashing lights installed at reception, at the security desk or in staff areas change from green to red and emit an audible alarm. This means that colleagues and security staff are alerted about the incident as soon as the button has been pressed. Thanks to the location information provided by the system, they can instantly locate the place of the incident and intervene quickly before the situation escalates.

Visualising the location of an incident

As soon as a badge is activated, it will appear for 15 minutes on the RFiD Discovery platform. This enables security personnel and other employees to know exactly where their colleague in difficulty is, so they can provide swift assistance.

To protect the privacy of staff, badges are only located by the system in case of an incident when the wearer clicks the button. Otherwise, no location information is recorded.  

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Fixed equipment

The installation of the fixed equipment required for the Staff Serenity system is quick and easy. Anchors and gateway readers are placed at key locations to detect the presence of staff badges. The desired number of warning lights with sounders are installed in departments where staff can be alerted easily. A touch screen can be provided in order to have permanent access to the RFiD Discovery platform which allows staff to be informed of the location of a suspected attack within seconds.

The same technology is also used for our medical device and other location tracking solutions within healthcare. This means that the different solutions to be combined if required and benefit from the same network of fixed gateways and anchors to reduce capital expenditure.

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Protect your healthcare staff with a safety system which can locate staff in distress instantly so security staff can intervene quickly before a situation escalates. 

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