Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare

Our RFiD Discovery system provides a cost-effective temperature monitoring solution for healthcare environments such as hospital fridges, storage areas or critical patient environments 

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Automatic temperature monitoring in healthcare helps ensure regulatory compliance, improve patient safety and increase operational efficiency.

RFiD Discovery's automatic temperature monitoring solution can help ensure regulatory compliance, improve patient safety and increase operational efficiency.

The RFiD Discovery system automatically records temperature and humidity in critical environments to ensure regulatory standards such as MHRA are met. Removing the need for manual checks helps save time, reduce cost and eliminate errors.

Completed temperature recordings are maintained in accordance with regulatory compliance and can be archived or made available for audit or reference purposes.


Where automatic temperature monitoring is used in healthcare

Automatic temperature monitoring can be used in any healthcare environment where maintaining a constant temperature is critical including stores for breastmilk, food, vaccines or pharmaceuticals.


Temperature Monitoring ensures vaccines are stored safely, vaccine bottles


Accurate and reliable monitoring for compliance and patient safety
Replaces manual checks to save cost and time
Cost-effective options available that use existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
Higher accuracy as human error is eliminated




How automatic temperature monitoring works


Measuring temperature

Our temperature sensors communicate via a choice of different wireless radio technologies such as LoRa, BLE and Wi-Fi. Integrated temperature sensors are placed in each environment to be monitored. They transmit regular readings via an existing Wi-Fi or proprietary network at user defined intervals.


Collecting data

Signals from temperature sensors are picked up and transferred to a central database. For the monitoring of refrigerators and freezers, external probes are used where only the probe is in the fridge or freezer and the sensor tag remains outside. This ensures that signals can be transmitted successfully to the readers. Where required, humidity can also be measured.

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Using the right data

A simple-to-use software interface allows the user to set parameters for maximum and minimum temperatures and enable instant alerts if values are outside the specified range. Staff can be notified in many different ways including by email, audible alarm, on screen pop-up window, pager, VOIP phone, badge alert and text alert. The software interface also provides access to data for compliance reporting, auditing or analysis.

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Automatically monitor critical healthcare environments to save time, increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

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