Tracking patient flow in hospitals and outpatient departments

Keeping track of the patient flow in hospitals helps streamline processes, increase efficiency and improve the patient experience.

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Tracking the flow of patients to improve their safety and experience in hospital environments

With ever increasing pressures and patient numbers, hospitals and other healthcare providers often struggle to effectively manage the flow of patients. Inefficient procedures and lack of visibility can cause many challenges including care delays which compromise patient safety and satisfaction. 

RFiD Discovery’s Patient Flow system provides hospitals with a cutting-edge solution to track the movement of patients during their stay to streamline procedures, reduce waiting times and enhance overall patient satisfaction. Harnessing the power of location tracking technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), this solution enables a smooth, well-coordinated flow of hospital inpatients as well as users of outpatient services for example imaging departments, A&E or walk-in centres.

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Key Benefits

  • Improves patient experience by providing up-to-date information on waiting times
  • Better patient care and safety
  • Streamlines patient flow
  • Increases staff efficiency 
  • Provides valuable data to improve service delivery

How does patient flow tracking work?


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On admission, each patient is issued with a disposable passive RFID or a reusable BLE enabled wristband. Passive RFID wristbands can be either delivered pre-printed or printed onsite. The wristband number is then associated with the patient record via a simple barcode scan.


Readers installed at all critical points of the care journey track the movement of patients and send location data to a central database. Information displays are installed in outpatient waiting areas to inform relatives or carers of expected exit times.


Using the data

The central software analyses care journey information and sends alerts in case any critical steps are missed. It also provides an overview for clinicians to identify possible bottlenecks, and sends up-to-date information to display screens in waiting areas. Via an app patients can see their individual expected waiting times.

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Key Features

  • Real-time room occupancy data
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Automated notifications about patient collection times
  • Alerts based on time or location
  • GDPR compliant
  • Dashboards for analysis 

Increasing efficiency

By providing automated real-time visibility of room occupancy, our Patient Flow solution helps clinical staff to maximise the available capacity without the need to physically check ward areas or treatment rooms. This saves time and helps to avoid care delays. 

For outpatient departments (such as imaging or cancer treatment) the process of contacting patient relatives, carers or the relevant ward to inform them when the patient is ready for collection, can be automated. The system sends SMS messages or makes an automated phone call, when the patient has reached a certain step in the journey, saving time for reception staff. 

Avoiding errors and delays

By tracking the patient journey, the system can detect and alert clinical staff if key steps are missed or taking too long. This is particularly useful when there is a critical time window for imaging or other procedures to be carried out following a preparatory injection.

Improving patient experience

Providing real-time information about waiting times to patients and those accompanying them, improves the patient experience. In addition, streamlining processes helps avoid delays leading to an improved service and better care for patients during their hospital stay or outpatient visit. 


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