Five ways RFID technology could be used during the coronation of King Charles III

Buckingham Palace

How could location and identification tracking technology be used during the coronation weekend?

The coronation of a British monarch is a historic event that attracts global attention. One of the most important aspects of any large-scale event is ensuring the safety and security of all attendees and in today’s world that means utilising the latest technological advancements.

By incorporating RFID tracking technology, the British Royal Family could enhance the safety, security, and overall organisation of the celebrations. Here are five different ways RFID tracking technology could be used during the upcoming coronation weekend.

Security and Access Control

Using RFID technology can create a secure perimeter around the coronation venues and monitor access to restricted areas. RFID-enabled wristbands or badges could be issued to authorised personnel, guests, and dignitaries to allow them access to controlled areas. Passive RFID chips embedded in the wristbands or badges could be used to track their movements and control access to different areas of the venue. This could help prevent unauthorised access and ensure the safety of the attendees.

Crowd Control

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can also be used by security personnel to monitor the flow of people around key venues during the coronation weekend such as Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle where the Coronation Concert is set to take place. This would help to ensure that crowds are managed efficiently, and that everyone stays safe. Fixed readers placed at strategic positions could help security personnel track crowd movements and identify potential congestion points. In case of an emergency, RFID tracking could help to evacuate people quickly and efficiently.

Asset Management

UHF passive tags could be attached to valuable assets such as jewellery, regalia, and other valuable items. The tags could be used to track the location of the assets in real-time, ensuring that they are kept safe and secure. This could help prevent theft or loss of the crown jewels during the coronation celebrations.

VIP Tracking

RFID technology could also be used to track the movements of VIPs, such as members of the royal family, foreign dignitaries, and other high-profile guests. This could help to ensure their safety and security and help to manage their movements during the event.

Lost and Found

With the help of RFID technology, lost items such as mobile phones, wallets, and other personal belongings could be tagged so they can be easily identified and returned to their owners. By attaching passive RFID tags to the lost items and registering them on a database, handheld readers could then be used to locate specific items in a lost and found store. This could help to ensure that lost items are quickly reunited with their owners.

The use of RFID tracking technology during the coronation celebrations could provide a whole host of benefits, from enhanced security and safety to improved crowd control and asset management. By leveraging this technology, the Royal Family and their security personnel could ensure that the event is well-organised, safe, and enjoyable for all attendees.