13 Nov 2018

Paragon ID acquires the assets and IP rights of RFID Discovery...

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...reinforcing its position in the health sector


Paragon ID is pleased to announce that it has expanded its position in the RFID market by acquiring the intellectual property rights and assets of RFID Discovery, the brand name for Harland Simon’s highly-regarded asset management solution for the healthcare industry. 

The RFID Discovery product is a complete asset management solution that uses a range of advanced IOT technologies to track assets and inventory, enabling clients to improve efficiency, profitability and safety. The versatile solution enables data collection and analysis that is suitable for organisations from SME through to large enterprises, providing insights into asset management, manufacturing and logistics processes.

In the healthcare sector, RFID Discovery is successfully used by many organisations such as NHS trusts to tag a large variety of mobile assets including infusion pumps, syringe drivers, scanners and monitors to considerably improve asset visibility and utilisation, saving capital expenditure.

Following the acquisition, Paragon ID’s initial objective will be to ensure continuation of outstanding support to RFID Discovery’s existing customer base, through the core team based in Milton Keynes with the active support of Paragon ID’s management & organisation in the UK.

John Rogers, Paragon ID CEO, adds:
“This acquisition illustrates the strategic focus of Paragon ID to grow its service business across a broad range of IOT technologies including NFC, RAIN RFID and digital. The RFID Discovery solution allows to strengthen our offering to the healthcare sector and to build an effective technological platform for our customers in other sectors - including manufacturing, automotive and aviation – and other regions ie Europe & North America."