RFiD Discovery joins industry consortium DoseID

Pharmaceutical tracking RFID

RFiD Discovery joins member driven industry consortium DoseID

RFiD Discovery, a leading European provider for RFID tracking systems in healthcare, is pleased to announce it has joined DoseID, a self-governing industry consortium established to unify the use of RFID technology for pharmaceutical products. 
DoseID’s goal is to ensure the quality, performance, and compatibility of RFID tagged drug products as they move through the supply chain from the manufacturer, through the distributor, to the hospital and finally into the patient, across any hardware or software systems used along this journey. The organisation’s mission is to establish industry guidelines building on existing standards from RAIN Alliance and GS1.
With more than 14 years’ experience in providing integrated tracking solutions for over 100 hospitals in the UK and Europe, RFiD Discovery brings first-hand experience of delivering effective and proven RFID solutions in real-life healthcare scenarios to the consortium. 
RFiD Discovery is committed to driving and adopting RFID standards in healthcare to help hospitals and their associated supply chains increase efficiency, cut costs and improve patient outcomes. By becoming a member of DoseID, RFiD Discovery joins forces with other industry innovators from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and inlay and label manufacturers through to other technology solution providers. 
Arron Duddin, Smart Solutions Director at RFiD Discovery, comments:
“We are very excited about joining DoseID, the first member driven consortium of its kind in the healthcare space. We look forward to working at the forefront of this exciting project with our fellow industry partners to establish next-generation systems and universal standards which benefit healthcare providers and ultimately improve patient safety. 
We are also thrilled to work closely with Auburn University RFID Lab, who will be providing the tag certification for DoseID’s member companies. It is worth mentioning that our parent company, Paragon ID, already holds the ARC Quality Certification, demonstrating our commitment to quality and global standards”