19 Mar 2024

RFiD Discovery launches LiftTrak, a revolutionary real-time indoor and outdoor inventory tracking system

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Real-time tracking for warehouses and outdoor storage areas without the need for fixed reader infrastructure.

RFiD Discovery, a leading provider of identification and location tracking solutions, is set to launch LiftTrak, a revolutionary real-time tracking system for warehouses and outdoor storage areas, at SiTL in Paris and IntraLogisteX in Birmingham on 19th March.

Unlike traditional solutions, LiftTrak's readers are mounted directly onto materials handling equipment (MHE) such as forklifts or automated guided vehicles (AGVs), eliminating the need for fixed infrastructure and thereby delivering a faster return on investment (ROI). LiftTrak provides seamless tracking both indoors and outdoors, enhancing warehouse productivity, increasing stock accuracy, and improving flow management.

Having undergone rigorous testing, the system is already being used by a number of industry leaders in automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing sectors. LiftTrak can be easily configured for a host of different environments and requirements to ensure optimum performance, accuracy and robustness.

Developed in close collaboration with industry experts, LiftTrak enables the 3D tracking of items. This means that the system not only automatically records the rack or outdoor location of where an item is stored but also the height of the item on the shelf or its stacking position in a pile.

lifttrak indoor tracking
lifttrak outdoor tracking

By detecting reference position tags mounted on each shelf location, the MHE-mounted reader determines the position where an item is dropped. For outdoor applications, the forklift location is tracked via GPS or landmark RFID tags on the floor or shelving.

Location data is sent via Wi-Fi or 3, 4 or 5G network to the central RFiD Discovery database which provides a choice of mapping and list views to show the location of tagged products and assets. Where no network is available, data is stored until a network connection is made.

Commenting on the upcoming launch of LiftTrak, Arron Duddin, Head of RFiD Discovery, said:

"Our LiftTrak system is a game-changer in the world of real-time tracking, offering businesses a cost-effective and efficient solution to their indoor and outdoor tracking needs. Following the successful implementation at a number of industrial sites, we are confident that LiftTrak will revolutionise inventory and asset management processes across logistics and manufacturing industries."

The new solution promises substantial savings for organisations through productivity gains, reduced time spent searching for stock or assets, elimination of manual stock scanning and checks, prevention of costly production delays and shipping errors, and the provision of valuable data for optimisation processes.

Visit stand 534 at IntraLogisteX from 19th to 20th March or stand E183 at SiTL from 19th to 21st March to find out more about RFiD Discovery’s LiftTrak system.


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